Three-Day Training Session

Here is an outline of topics covered in the three-day training. This assumes 10-15 people from a community participate. NOTE: 8 hours per day is considered typical; however the rhythm of the group will guide the timing. Call (920) 655-3261 for pricing information regarding training and mentoring services.

Day One:

  • Opening Activity
  • Driftwood Exercise
  • Explain the Talking Piece
  • Reflection
  • Introduction Round
  • Safe Place Art Activity
  • Values Exercise
  • Indigenous Teachings
  • Medicine Wheel
  • Present Tree Diagram Overview
  • Types of Circles

Day Two:

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Ritual and Ceremony in Circle
  • Consensus
  • Talking Piece
  • Flow of Circle
  • Small Group Circle Planning
  • Closing Round
  • Closing Ceremony

Day Three:

  • Opening Circle
  • Check-In Circle
  • Role of Keeper
  • Four Stages of Circle Process
  • Values Exercises (Optional)
  • Concentric Circles

NOTE: The five-day training session is similar to the three-day training session in scope, however, the benefit is there is more time to interact and practice techniques.